Cyb3rVector's CodeLab Project - a Blockly environment for Anki/DDL Vector robot

Project by cyb3rdog

Welcome to Cyb3rVector’s CodeLab Project

The ultimate goal of this Project is to finish this educational Application to enable anyone to use the Vector’s SDK even without the technical background or programming skills. Main instrument to achieve this goal is called Vector’s CodeLab - a Blockly based coding enviroment which allows executing various commands through creating a simple programs by stacking graphical blocks together. This CodeLab enviroment and Vector Robot combined creates an ideal platform for young to develop their skills and love towards technology and robotics. I want this software to be available to anyone for free of charge, as I believe the education should be fun, playful and free.


List of some of the highlighted Cyb3rVector features is available here



Visit the project’s GitHub Discussions section for the answers to most frequently asked questions.

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Take a look at some screenshots from the application:

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This document describes the milestones of the Cyb3rVector project:

Phase I. - Cyb3rVector

Goal of this phase is to design the application to be intuitive, simple enough, fun and educational, allowing everyone to develop their technical and coding skills, through pure enjoyment of the Play with the Vector robot.

Roadmap of Phase I.

Application features:

Vector’s Codelab:

Backend Infrastructure:

Phase II. - Cyb3rVector’s Online Codelab

Main Goal of this phase is to Port the CodeLab to platform independent Web environment hosted on own servers and Create tools for people to connect their Vectors to this Web Site.

Phase III. - Cyb3rVector’s Codelab Software

This stage will focus on creating a specific version of Vector’s CodeLab which will be hosted directly from Vector, allowing the users to login to Vector’s CodeLab hosted on Vector’s firmware from any device in the local network.


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Just a word before you go…

I have made Cyb3rVector available to everyone for free of charge, and I need Your help to keep it that way. I am dedicating all my free time to this project, and it already brought some costs with it. Yet, as you can see, there is still plenty of work ahead and more expenses are yet to come.

That’s why I need you, a passionate Vector owners, who will join me on this adventure and help me make this dream come true. There are some exclusive Rewards waiting for you on the Patreon page, so make sure you don’t miss them :) Stay tuned and thanks for your support :)

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